Nitrome is a London based independent game development company who create simple online flash games  as well as games for mobiles. they create a new game almost every month and in total have published over 100 games, Nitrome was foundered in 2005 by matt annal and Heather Stancliffe, Heather Stancliffe left Nitrome in 2010 to pursue a different career.

One of my favourite things about Nitrome games is the variety, every game they make is different and new and yet obviously by them, they have a distinct style, everything is colourful and bright and pixelated.

The way characters are designed to look so unique in something I will take into consideration when designing for our game, I want to be able to create a design that shows the character without them needing to speak, the game ‘Bad IceCream’ is a great example of their character design, they created multiple characters with the exact same design and still made them all unique.


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