Patrick McHale & Over the Garden Wall

Patrick McHale is an American animator, storyboard artist and writer. he worked on Adventure Time as a creative director and writer for the first 5 seasons and then went on to create an Emmy award-winning mini-series Over the Garden Wall.

He made some beautiful watercolour concept art that shows really easily what the tone of the show is, his lines in these works are faint as they are done in the same paint and colours as the rest of the image, one of the things I like about the piece o the left is how he has left white space in the form of trees.

Throughout the show; almost everything sticks to autumn colours except for a few exceptions which help to set the one for those scenes.

His work in over the garden wall reminds me of early Disney animation, as you can see below, the comparison to this 1930s cartoon by Disney is striking, Over the Garden Wall has a very sweet style in contrast to the dark plot.

flip the frog


kyle lambert & Stranger Things poster

Kyle Lambert is an American visual artist, who has recently created a poster for the Netflix series Stranger Things, Over the past 10 years Kyle has worked with some of the world’s largest brands, including Apple, Adobe, GQ, Netflix, Paramount Studios and Vanity Fair.


This poster has an obvious 80’s fantasy sci-fi theme. it has many similarities to the Starwars posters, in the layout and the colours he used, I find it interesting that; over the garden wall, stranger things and limbo and very similar in story line and very different in style, especially Over the Garden Wall and Limbo but stranger things shares a similar tone as well. I like how kyle lambert has used the white lines in this poster to give a glow to the image, this is one of the things that really give it that 80s look but it’s something I picked up on right away when looking at it. the severe shadows on the poster give it a very strong mystery look which is something that really sold the show for me. i think this poster has had loads of thought put into in everything is designed perfectly to make it look 80’s.

Jeppe Carlsen & Limbolimbo-game-wallpaper-12-1920x1080-930x326

Jeppe Carlsen is a game designer who worked on Limbo in 2010 with PlayDead before going on to founder his own company, Carlsen Games, where he has designed and created (along with a team of artists) their debut game ‘140’ in 2013, and then ‘THOTH’ in 2016.

As I mentioned before; Limbo and Over the Garden Wall are very similar, they both have a cute, simple, style to hide a darker plot.  with limbo, Jeppe Carlsen, and the rest of the artists making the game, have decided to give it a shadow puppet style, you can see a huge similarity between limbo and this shadow puppet forest by Zoe Andersen (seen below) it almost looks like it’s been taken right out of the game.

Zoe Andersen

I also see similarities to work by clockwork moth,

clockwork moth

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