visuals and thumbnails



I have explored my ideas through thumbnails, I used these to plan out drawing which I would next explore further with visuals.

I wanted to make a piece mimicking housing adverts, whilst exploring what the housing market is really like at the moment, with housing prices being incredibly high, I and many other young people, have no hope of owning a home anytime soon, if ever.

I looked into the Hans Brinker budget hotel campaign kesselskramer made which is very similar to my project, it was an add campaign that advertised the hotel’s awful services, I like the style of these two posters. the two basic colours and simple illustration, with large text, are how I would like to design my pieces

I created three visuals, I wanted to use two colours to give it a simplistic look, two using paint, and masking tape to give it clean lines, which didn’t work as well as I had hoped. as you can see here the lines ended up messy and the pain made the colours more textured when I wanted them to be blocked, but in fact, I liked the small amount of texture to my piece but I was not happy with my messy lines.


Another problem I had was with the placing of the text, I felt that it would have been more effective if I had made the “nature” bigger  instead of it being the same size as the rest, I also think I should have put the word “to” on its own line and made it smaller at this word isn’t very important to the statement.


In this piece, I chose to use paper cutting instead, which gave me a much cleaner image, but it ended up looking much more abstract.

I have decided to use a mix of paint and a digital program, I will paint on paper and then use that in firealpaca to create an image that looks clean but still has a hand-made tone.


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