throughout this projects I have been through various ideas, however, from the start I have been interested in doing a project about different kinds of homes which ended up being part of my piece.

before I started making my thumbnails I had planned to work around the idea of what home means to different people, although I was not inspired, I chose to work on this idea a create a piece about how advertised homes are not the reality of living for most people.  I wanted to explore this through my own experience of living in tents, caravans and other alternative homes.

I found it inspiring now different artists use reportage in their work, this project has made me realise how to use reportage in my own work to show a message without needing to write an essay, reportage really proves that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Throughout this project, i have been very unsure of what  wanted to do, yet this allowed me to explore different ideas and I’m happy with the result.

when creating my visuals I experimented with using acrylic paint and paper cutting, yet I found both these methods of creating my piece were too messy for the clean professional look I wanted,in the end, when I created my poster, I decided  to use watercolour block scan it in then edit it on firealpaca so my lines would be clean, I did at first plan to make the background of my poster out blue water colour as well but I tested it out and wasn’t happy with how it looked.

my only big problem with this project was being indecisive, I had ideas yet I could not choose what to do until the last moment, there were a few problems, though, such as my messy lines on my visuals which forced me to rethink my whole project.

in future projects, i would like to make sure I have enough time to work on my piece, in this project and the last I was pressed for time at the last few days, although I managed fine, I would like to not have to worry about not finishing in time.



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