Bigote Sucioescaner067copia

his work looks so simple at first glance but when you take a closer look you can see more details, which is something i would like to recreate in my piece .

everything he creates has a playful tone, his work reminds me of 80s prints, his work has lots of texture from the mix of papers he uses, he uses a wide range of patterns to create depth to his work. he uses minimal lines in his work which gives an unorganised tone. you can see through his work that he uses plenty of colours.


  Henri Matisse

I am inspired by Henri Matisse’s use of colour in his work, even though he uses a huge range of colours they all work together.

in his piece, the snail, he uses colourful cutout to create a spiral pattern which gives the form of a snail.  Henri Matisse, when looking at his piece Henri Matisse, Red Room (Harmony in Red), he uses the same pattern on the wall and table cloth which makes an interesting and dream-like image.

even though he uses a lot of bright colours in his work, his art usually seems to have a calm tone which is fascinating to me.


Keith Haring 

Keith Haring always has a playful and child-like tone to his art, he uses thick lines and bright colours that remind me of road signs his style is very striking and bold, it’s very easily recognisable. he creates texture and pattern in his work using lines which can be seen in all his work.



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