Good poster design


Jack Teagle


this poster is very simplistic with is colours but has complex line art which allows the poster to breath, he very obviously uses a Z pattern in this work to draw your eye from left to right to left and back to right which is very effective for a poster as it draws your eyes along to see the whole thing.



I wanted to do these posters as they are practically the same, using the characters of the film as a border showing off everyone whilst putting the title front and center, both theses posters have a clear text order first, the name of the film is the biggest font; allowing for easy reading. then, in the marvel poster, it has the words “united we stand. divided we fall” which give you more of an idea of what the film is about, for cats and dogs it has similar text right at the top of the page it reads “who will you root for” which is used to draw people in, but personally I feel that it gets ignored up there and I think it would be better placed under the title like marvel did. but they both use the exact same format at the bottom of these posters, pushing lots of information into a small space at the bottom,this is stuff that most people won’t be interested in reading but it still needs to be on the poster.


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