These animations had originally been planned to be one but after seeing them overlapped I decided they would be better separated,  the outline is very cartoonlike whilst the colouring is more realistic and the styles clashed.

When I finished the line art I went on to experiment with how I might colour it, I tested out a few different ways as seen above but chose to go with the first one as I thought is was most effective. Although I feel it would have probably been a good idea to go for something easier as I didn’t have much time to finish it, however, I am extremely happy with how it turned out.

When I finished colouring I went back and noticed how different my first frame looked compared to my last one, you can see that it’s full of gaps as well as much more blocky, some parts of it are not filled in such as the eyebrows. I did go back and work on my frames after I noticed this although, I’m impressed with how developed over a couple of days.

When creating my animation I took 5 pictures to base it off, I used these to create the base of my line art and then filled in the gaps to make it more smooth, and I ended up with 16 frames, I had hoped to make it at least 20 frames but with the time I had I chose to cut it short as it was already smooth. I also used these pictures as a colour pallet, by selecting and then placing them again.

I also used these pictures as a colour pallet, by selecting and then placing them again, which was more time effective than making a whole new colour pallet, never the less I would definitely like to work on my colouring skills as it is something I struggle with.


When making my time plan I had put that I would work on the weekend but I realised that I am unable to concentrate at home so in future I should plan time to work before and after class, as this is what I ended up doing anyway.

I estimated that I spent 42 hours on this project.




“There are mixed styles of looking real and also cartoon like”

Which is how I try to make my style.

“The image looks like it has life”

When I had started planning my project I had wanted to make a moving painting, and this was good to hear.

“There are different tones e.g. there is a shadow. the lines have been created by using white space”

I had planned to have thick outlines at first but even after they were gone I was left with the white space which added to the animation.


I showed respect by paying attention when people were talking.


I talked to people about my project and discussed what I was doing.


I stayed late to work on my project at the college.


I finished my project on time.


I critiqued people’s work.


I thought I wouldn’t finish on time but, I pushed through and I’m happy with my result.


My predicted grade is merit.

In future, I would like to plan my time better.

I could learn to be more consistent with my art.



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