self portrait development




My first idea was  of these boxes containing models of things I identify myself with, I decided  this might take too long to make, I also felt that it was a vague representation of myself that might not be easy to understand without a lot of explanation, also I have a strong connection with animation I have always loved cartoons which is why I started drawing.


I  would like to make a short animation no longer than a few seconds  and about 2-50 frames, it would be of my face covered by my hands and have a very small amount of movement.
as a base for my animation, i will take photos to make a stop motion type thing and then draw over them digitally.



After sketching, researching and planning I have a clear idea of what I want to do and how I might do it, I took inspiration from my original sketches and drew this out on photoshop, I had planned to use firealpaca to draw this which is the program I normally use but when I installed it on the computer it would not open so I learn how to draw in photoshop, but after using photoshop I have started to consider using photoshop to create my animation instead of firealpaca as I had previously planned.


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