artist research


Eli B


My main inspiration for colouring in my animation will come from Eli B who uses a lot of complementary colours,

When they colour it looks like an oil painting and their ridged yet natural lines give their art a natural feeling.

Even thought this kind of natural, realistic style of art is wonderful to me I am more interested in brighter colourful art and expressive animation.


Francisco Maldonado laguna



I’m very inspired by Francisco’s art, his work is always extremely expressive which allows you to see a bit of another world,  his blocky colouring has interested me for a long time I am always impressed with how he portrays different characters places and tones.

I have in the past experimented with a similar style of colouring but found it didn’t work with my style.

tumblr_nvm5ohpD7f1qh2uoro1_r1_1280 (1).gif
Anatola Howard

I like Anatola’s are a lot because they are able to make stories with one image, they create amazing colourful work that is easy to catch your eye, I am inspired by their use of colour and different formats.

a would like my finished piece to look similar to work they have created.

Josh Cloud


Josh’s art seems fun to me, his lines are always relaxed and his style seems to change a lot,  I like how he is able to experiment with colours and textures to create interesting new work.



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