How media reports on different events dramatically affect how they are seen and how the situation is handled. Puerto Rico and Bangladesh have both suffered from lack of coverage and lack of funds. and with the disasters in both places being so devastating it’s hard to determine how much of the damage is from the flooding and what… Continue reading Media


Skylark needs a recognizable, clear, and flexible font. It needs to match the down to earth style of the brand and work in a variety of situations. for the most part, hand written and printed text would work for titles, looking approachable and creative. I texted out different ways of writing “Skylark” to give myself an idea… Continue reading Fonts

Visuals + client feedback

From the thumbnails I created, I went on to start designing variant logos to put forward to the Skylark board. I took inspiration from the simple design of the Yokoland logo, which is a bird-like creature encased in a circle much like some of the designs I had drawn out previously. The first piece of feedback I was given from the… Continue reading Visuals + client feedback